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About AIO 

Our Mission

All-In-One is a non-profit residential community that offers transitional and life care to adults with a wide range of cognitive disabilities and, through compassion and faith, provides the opportunities to learn, experience, and achieve a whole new life.

AIO Residential Program

We provide Independent and Semi-independent living for up to 6 adults with intellectual disabilities.

Our residents are encouraged to make proactive choices that challenge and improve their life skills, social skills, leisure and recreation skills as their work skills.

Residents who live in All In One home enjoy a high degree of autonomy, yet benefit from the highly supervised and safe environment of the All-In-One Services


  • Must be 18 years of age
  • Primary diagnosis of developmental delay or cognitive challenge including autism, spectrum, down traumatic brain injury syndrome.
  • Must beIndependent in activities of daily living
  • Able to ambulate and transfer independently, able to follow a schedule of training and activity of daily living
  • Free of aggressive, threatening behavior!
  • No serious psychiatric or mental health conditions.

*Please note that these are general guidelines for admission eligibility.
All prospective residents will be reviewed on an individual basis.

Our Core Values

Nothing comes before the safety of All In One Group Home Residents.
All In One make it their personal responsibility to know safety policy and reinforce positive, safe behaviors.

Emotional, Physical, cognitive and spiritual well-being are addressed on a daily basis to promote independence, self-awareness, and looking at how all services can provide wholistic support.

All In One provides, a wide range of social, employment, and leisure activities where residents may practice new skills and make new discoveries about

Everyone deserve to be happy.  That’s where All In One resident is encouraged to pursue safe and appropriate interests that happiness to their lives

Residents at All In One pursue various educational opportunities to learn new skills that will enable them to reach the highest level of independence possible

All In One resident is encouraged to pursue their goals.  All In One search for new methods, programs, training, and physical facility that will enhances the success of adults with cognitive.

Contact Us

Address – 1236 N. Pine Hills Rd. Ste B. Orlando, FL 32808
Office Phone – 407.295.8683
Mobile Phone – 407.436.7841
Fax Number – 800.572.3749
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